Dear Business Owner:

On June 30, 2021, your business license expires and needs to be renewed. Penalties will accrue for renewals made on and after August 1, 2021. Please read the information below explaining changes that have been made to the business license process.

For many years, businesses raised concerns with legislators about the inconsistencies and complicated processes found around the state among the local governments that collect business license taxes. Legislators came together with the business community and the Municipal Association of SC to remedy these issues.

This process led to the General Assembly passing the SC Business License Standardization Act, Act 176, in September 2020. Act 176 streamlines the business license process, creating the same process for taxing jurisdictions across the state. As of January 1, 2022, all municipalities in South Carolina with a local business license must comply with the law.

Act 176, mandates a standard license year for all business licenses in South Carolina: May 1 to April 30. For the Town of Hollywood to transition from their existing license years, we will temporarily use a shortened license period. A business license tax is based on the gross income from the prior calendar year regardless of the due date or license period. Business will only pay once on the full calendar year's gross income no matter the length of the transitional license year. Your business license will expire April 30, 2022.

Please use the business license application found on this website to renew your business license. You may make your payment via personal check, money order, and credit or debit card. If you are no longer operating a business or have relocated, we need to update our records with that information as well. Please contact us to provide the information for your business license file.

Should you have any questions or need assistance, please call (843)889-3222. We look forward to another great year working with you in the Town of Hollywood.